Smokey Eyes Like Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff does do Smokey eyes well! She is also combining Smokey with a slight cat Wholesale Lashes She takes the darker shade and extends it past her outer eye in an upward “cat” eye motion. It’s not as severe as normal “cat” eyes because she softens the look with a medium shade along the middle and a light shade along the upper eyelid just below the eyebrow. She also has a matching shade of eyeliner along the upper eye and also along the lower eye. She blends this color by using her medium eye shadow over her lower eyeliner. The only way she can do this is to use the proper brushes for application. You won’t get a good Smokey or even a good “cat” eye with the applicator that comes in your eye shadow compact. You will need to invest in two brushes for this look.


Wholesale Lashes
Wholesale Lashes

Aninh  You will need: Chisel Angle Fluff Brush – For all over color and under eye brow Chisel Double Wholesale Lashes – For contouring and blending – A trio eye shadow or three shades of color:
light, medium, dark preferably in a Smokey hue like: Bren Cosmetics Eye
Shadow Trio Eclipse Grapevine Amoré

Bren Cosmetics Eye Liner color Charcoal Charcoal Prune

Bren Cosmetics Mascara color Black Black Black

Eye Wholesale Lashes curler AND AN INDEX CARD!

I will walk you through Amoré.

1) Using your Angle Fluff Brush apply the cream color all over your eyelid

2) Apply the Prune eye liner along the upper eye closest to your Wholesale Lashes in about 1/16th inch line, start at the inner eye and go all the way across your eye to outer most portion of your eye angling up and out at the end.

3) Use the Index card and place it at a 45-degree angle against the outer portion of your eye.

4) Using the double shader brush, apply the burnt red color over the Prune eye shadow and lower lid.

5) Keep the index card in place and using the double shader, apply the dark brown color in a diagonal from the center eye to the outer eye stopping just above the middle crease of your eye.

6) Remove index card.

7) Using your Angle Fluff Brush (it should still have a bit of the cream shadow in the brush) in a one directional brush stroke going to the outer portion of your eye, brush once or twice outward to blend the colors and to soften the line left by the index card. Clean brush and dip in cream color for the opposite eye.

8) Curl your eye Wholesale Lashes using a curler and 30 seconds of pressure on your upper eye lashes

9) Apply the black mascara in two layers.

Wholesale Lashes
Wholesale Lashes

And most of all practice, practice, practice as this will take a few times to get the look just right.


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