Best Eye Cream Alternatives

I do not disregard the importance of anti aging treatments, but to contribute to the benefits you can get from these synthetic mink fur eyelash, or if you decide you’re not ready for the eye creams yet, you can try these tips and alternatives. This is especially good for those who have very sensitive skin, or those in the early twenties who have enough care for the skin, but are still in the search for the best eye creams for their skin.

synthetic mink fur eyelash
synthetic mink fur eyelash

You will see that there is no need to resort to chemicals or anything of that sort. An all natural and fully available habit is all that you need. And I mean those that are found within your own homes. Below, I will put in the synthetic mink fur eyelash you can do, and what they are effective for.

Cucumber for eye puffiness

If you find yourself constantly suffering from eye puffiness, all you need to do is go to your fridge, and slice up some cucumbers. These are great for taking away the puffiness because of its cooling effect. All you have to do is spritz your eye with water. Take your cut cucumber, and allow it to remain on your eyes while you lie back, and maybe catch a nap. When you wake up, you’ll find your eyes looking as relaxed as you are.

Potato for baggy eyes

First, let me clear this, puffy eyes and baggy eyes are not similar. Puffy eyes are caused by water retention and can usually be found on the lids, while baggy eyes, though water retention as well, are on the lower portion of the eyes. To minimize those bags under your synthetic mink fur eyelash, simply slice some raw potatoes to thin circles. Using the same process as with cucumber, spritz some water on your eyes before putting the potatoes, and let it remain for ten minutes before taking them off.

Eggs for crow’s feet

You’ve probably heard this before, but egg white really does make a good facial synthetic mink fur eyelash. To take away those fine lines, simply beat one egg white until soft peaks are nearly formed. Simply dab it around the eye area and allow to settle, and leave it there for 10 minutes. Removing this requires extra care. Spray the area with water, and use a cotton ball to wipe away the film-like material. Be very careful not to put too much stress when removing it, or you might stretch that sensitive skin.

synthetic mink fur eyelash
synthetic mink fur eyelash

Castor bean oil for eye lashes

To make the windows to your soul even more attractive, you can also use this bonus. To thicken synthetic mink fur eyelash, dab cotton swab with the oil, and apply them to your lashes. You can allow the oil to settle the entire day, provided you placed only the necessary amount. You may use this as a daily habit.

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