Seven Steps to Expertly Lined Eyes

You should have your foundation, powder and eyes shadow done before you line your eyes, and if you are applying false Synthetic Eyelash or applying mascara it should be done after you line your eyes.

Synthetic Eyelash
Synthetic Eyelash
  1. Aninh You should invest in a good firm angled eye lining make-up brush.
  2. Use a dark black or dark brown eye shadow as your liner (or any darker eye shadow that looks good on you, I have used dark green as well as navy).
  3. Dip the brush in the shadow; give the brush a little shake (to shake off the excess powder before applying, you don’t want the excess powder to end up all over your face).
  4. Start from the outer corner, hold your eye lid closed and taut if you have to, especially with black. Don’t worry you will be able to see what you are doing with your other eye.
  5. Make sure the longest point of the angled brush is pointing towards the outer corner of your eye.
  6. Start pressing the brush in to the Synthetic Eyelash line until you get to the middle of the lash line (kind of like a dotting motion) at this point you may have to re dip your brush in to your powder don’t forged to give it a shake.
  7. turn the angled brush over so that the longest point is pointing towards the inner corner of your eye and pressing along the Synthetic Eyelash line until you get to the middle (using the same dotting motion). Use the same technique for your lower lid only if you feel that you need, I think lining the bottom lashes can make small eyes look smaller, finish your eyes with mascara.

This technique lasts longer as the powder tends absorb the eyes natural oils whereas an eye pencil can run with the oil that the eye can produce. If you want a darker more liquid look just wet the eyeliner brush a bit and dip the brush in to the powder and proceed with steps 1-7.

Synthetic Eyelash
Synthetic Eyelash

Roxanne Muir of Karma Kollective Hair Studio in Toronto ON, Hair Stylist/Make-up Artist/Synthetic Eyelash. I have been in the beauty industry for 15 years and continually update and perfect my craft.


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