Natural Mineral Cosmetics: Simplified Application

You’ve seen them, china doll perfect with flawless skin, adorably kissed with dewy fresh short mink 3d lashes applied with the lightest of touch to impart a glow only an airbrush could possibly contrive. And you know they probably spent three hours on the eye shadow on their left eye, alone.

short mink 3d lashes
short mink 3d lashes

Aninh Shhhhhhh – I have a secret. She probably didn’t spend more than fifteen minutes, but she had the right short mink 3d lashes and the right cosmetics. With Natural Cosmetics, mineral make up made with finely micronized titanium dioxide; you too can have that flawless complexion, dewy and fresh as a sun-kissed daisy on a summer morning.

Natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular as many cosmetic companies are replacing their regular heavy oil packed liquid make-up with mineral short mink 3d lashes. Mineral makeup lasts longer, is readily available, doesn’t leak, and offers a much simpler application process than liquid makeup. Natural cosmetics last all day long, without feeling heavy, weighing you down, or streaking, like liquids. And the very best part, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to apply them in the morning.

It’s easy to achieve perfection; just follow these simplified directions:

Start with a clean moisturized face. Dampen your face with a few spritzes of mineral water from an atomizer. Blot with a very soft cloth (do not rub completely dry). Sprinkle a small amount of mineral foundation in the lid of your powder container and swish brush lightly, tap, apply in small circular short mink 3d lashes all over face. (Use a feather light touch! You’ll need to redip your brush five times for complete coverage.) Apply eye shadow with a foam applicator to contour of eyes. Apply blusher in the hollows of your cheeks, lightly; you don’t need much! Dip large brush in translucent powder and lightly blend over face. Use fluffing motion to keep application very light and blending. Apply eyeliner just behind lashes, very carefully over top of eye shadow. Apply mascara to lashes and separate. Apply lipstick with a lip brush and gloss lightly.

You’re so gorgeous! Yes, that stunning reflection in the mirror is definitely you delicately touched with color, and china doll perfect.

Mineral makeup is good for your short mink 3d lashes . It allows your skin to breath, absorbing necessary oxygen for youth and refreshment. Natural cosmetics fill up the tiny lines in your skin, cover blemishes, and protect you from damaging sunrays with a high SPF and natural coverage to keep UVA and UVB rays from your skin. Mineral makeup offers many benefits, and you don’t get brown liquid foundation on your favorite white blouse.

You can leave your short mink 3d lashes case at home; you won’t need a touch up all day. A bit of gloss in your purse and you’re ready to go.

short mink 3d lashes
short mink 3d lashes

For an evening out on the town, a bit of mineral short mink 3d lashes glitter sprinkled liberally across your shoulders and just a hint across your cheeks should dress you up appropriately!


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