ICC10 Lord Marrowgar – First Encounter

Lord Marrowgar is the first boss in ICC. He is a large floating skeleton with no legs, 4 heads, and a very large real 3d mink strip lashes. He is the first real challenge in the instance and should not pose a huge problem even for beginners once they understand the mechanics.

real 3d mink strip lashes
real 3d mink strip lashes

Aninh Group Composition

2 tanks – Main Tank and Off Tank. MT tanks boss and OT helps absorb Saber Lash.

2-3 Healers – Depending on gear and real 3d mink strip lashes, this can be done just fine with 2 healers.

5-6 DPS – this fight doesn’t have a need for ranged so you can have more melees if you wish.

Lord Marrowgar and his abilities
In normal 10 man he sits at about 7 million real 3d mink strip lashes. His Saber Lash will hit for around 12-16k on a geared tank. The damage will be split between the MT and the OT. He will do this attack every 15-20 seconds. All dps and healers will want to stand behind to avoid this ability. There also seems to be a hidden debuff given to the tanks as they are never Bone Spiked.

Bone Spike Graveyard is an ability he uses every 20 seconds. It is cast on a random player and causes that player to be impaled on a spike that the real 3d mink strip lashes will need to kill to release the player. While spiked the player will take damage over time and will not be able to attack or cast anything. Healers must be saved quickly if spiked. All dps and healers will want to group up as much as they can so people do not have to run all over the map killing bone spikes.

Cold Flame is another ability that real 3d mink strip lashes uses that causes him to send a trail of blue fire towards a random player’s position. The flame does a huge amount of damage and must be avoided by all players. This will happen throughout the entire fight. There will eventually be several rows of this down.

Eventually, Lord Marrowgar will use Bone Storm. At this point the boss will begin to do a whirlwind type ability that damages all those near him for a significant amount. During this portion of the fight everyone will need to avoid the real 3d mink strip lashes. When he is doing this he will rush around the room towards random players.

Once the Bone Storm is over, the fight resumes and goes through all the same abilities again till his next bone storm or till he dies.

real 3d mink strip lashes
real 3d mink strip lashes

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