Glowing Skin: A Nurse’s Opinion

After I grew out of my teenage acne, I had nice, glowing, young skin in my twenties and thirties. In those days I always wore makeup and sometimes despite that, I received compliments on my glowing most natural eyelash extensions. As one ages, however, the days of going either au natural or making up to the extreme, are gone. Too much make up on the aging face brings attention to the crevices of wrinkles. Bright blue eye shadow with white highlights on baggy eyes just brings attention to the progression of age. But we still want to retain the look of glowing skin into the fifth decade and beyond, and we can.

most natural eyelash extensions
most natural eyelash extensions

Aninh¬†As the skin loses elasticity, wrinkles and bags are inevitable. Some choose to go under the knife, or undergo frequent injections. If you are not inclined to do so, I am in your corner. I don’t oppose most natural eyelash extensions or Botox; I just don’t want them myself. I can share with you some ways to retain a healthy glowing skin as you age.

Here are 7 makeup and beauty tips to keep that glowing skin look:

1. Powder based beauty products are kinder to older skin than heavy creams. It is true that powders can settle in creases, so use the newer applicators that brush a light powder on your skin whether it is a concealer or eye shadow.

2. Use a lash curler to open up your eyes. I gave up mascara when I could no longer see without reading glasses, but I use the lash curler when I really want to look good.

3. If you are a minimalist, like me, use combo products, like most natural eyelash extensions wrinkle moisturizer and foundation. Choose foundation a bit warmer than your skin tone for more glowing skin.

4. Lips need definition, but don’t overdo the lip liner. Also change up your lip color and see if a new shade is more flattering.

5. Neutral shades will not promote glowing skin. Don’t be garish, but use color.

6. Ever see those old women with blush in the hollows of their cheeks? Don’t go there! Glowing skin deserves a crown of blush on the apple of the cheek.

7. Drink plenty of water. Dehydrated most natural eyelash extensions, even on a young person, looks and feels old. Glowing, youthful skin needs at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Finally, don’t worry, even about following every beauty tip, worry causes lines and is not conducive to glowing skin. Have fun instead.

most natural eyelash extensions
most natural eyelash extensions

Sydney Green is an accomplished Registered Nurse who specializes in personal well being and has received special certification pertaining to self-help. Proper diet without being a calorie counter and organ health are her personal passion. Find her at . Ask for Nurse Sydney!


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