Why Does Hurting People Hurt?

Hurting people do hurt. Others, that is, and very often themselves at the same time. No one can truly feel joy by deliberately hurting another mink lash packaging.

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Let me explain a little further.

The joy of being in a loving relationship has many facets. One could almost liken it to a precious stone. Each facet brings different mink lash packaging of closeness, shared laughter, of loving words spoken softly, gently, which will lift your spirits and light up your very being.

Aninh However, when things go wrong in a relationship and the very words that once lifted you are up are used against you in a hurtful, horrible way it changes that once beautiful bond and rips apart the closeness you had.

I often reflect on the amazing power of words. Used correctly, they lift us up and make us soar to unbelievable heights but when words are used against us, and used in anger to hurt, they have incredible power to harm and to mink lash packaging.

Words used as a weapon against someone, can tear down the very fabric of a relationship causing deep unhappiness, heartache and sometimes even resulting in the loss of self esteem. Hurtful mink lash packaging aimed with deadly accuracy will undoubtedly have a negative effect on the person who is on the receiving end of this abuse but only if they allow themselves to be affected this way.

The question is how do you handle this sort of verbal abuse?

Refusing to take up the gauntlet and respond with equal vitriolic outbursts is one way of handling it. In other mink lash packaging, just don’t take the bait. It is really difficult to have a one sided argument and if no response is made the flow generally dries up.

Remember, respond don’t react. You will need to remain calm, to distance yourself from the flow of words, however wounding they are. Try to imagine that the mink lash packaging are passing through you and then right out of you and not staying inside you, so that they leave no effect. Do your best to remain composed. Weather the storm, and once it is over you can take the time to dispel the effects and concentrate on healing any hurt.

However, if you react and try to bring your point of view into this mink lash packaging, or even if your hurt and frustration spills over and you feel you have the right to have your say no matter what, the whole aspect of this confrontation will change and it will probably escalate into a mutually destructive scenario. Remember hurting people hurt. Saying something equally hurtful, nasty or toxic will just make matters worse.

I know this is a really, really hard thing to do. Your instinctive reaction will be to lash out and inflict the same harm and hurt that you are feeling. Control this instinct with all your might and remember to respond not react.

When things are calmer between you, and the mink lash packaging is not vitriolic any more, if the opportunity does arise, try to get to the root cause of your partner’s actions. What is the underlying reason for them lashing out at you? Look at work situations, could your economic situation be part of the reason for the tension? Shortage of money is always a trigger point because it is so much a part of your daily life. If the other person feels they are partly to blame for this lack it could be a fundamental cause of the argument, the need for hurtful words used as a means to justify their own frustration and possible lack of self esteem. I am not saying its okay for them to behave that way, not at all, but this could be one part of a much bigger picture.

What one wants to do is heal the situation. To find the cause and discuss mink lash packaging and means of working through it to stop this kind of abuse. No one wins in a situation like this if it is allowed to remain unchecked. Take responsibility for your relationship – you do it – and you may well find once you take responsibility the other partner may choose to take responsibility as well.

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Practice these principles over a period of time and see if you experience any positive improvements in your relationship, nothing worthwhile is achieved instantly each small little step mink lash packaging a move forward. Build on those small victories and keep building, because healing your relationship and making it better is always a work in progress.

And remember never touch another person in anger.


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