How Long Should You Keep Your Makeup Products For?

Let’s face it, many of us keep hold of luxury private label silk eyelash way beyond the expiry date. If it was expensive then you really don’t want to throw it away. The question is, when is makeup too old to be used? There’s nothing wrong with trying to make your makeup last longer, but you need to be careful of your health.

luxury private label silk eyelash
luxury private label silk eyelash

Aninh Just like the food in your cupboards, ingredients in your luxury private label silk eyelash can go off and in some cases, can have bacteria growing on it. Unlike food, cosmetic packaging doesn’t legally require a use by date to be shown on each product. However, if a makeup product does not last longer than 30 months they must display the use by date.

Here are some guidelines for how long to keep different luxury private label silk eyelash. These are only guidelines and lack of sanitation, the environment and packaging will influence how long it will last.

Mascara will typically last for around three months. After this time it can start to breed bacteria. If you find your mascara smells funny then definitely let it go. Same applies if the texture has changed and it doesn’t apply as well as in the past.

Eyeliner will last for around two years, but do remember to resharpen it if it is a pencil. Liquid eyeliner lasts for less time, usually around three to six months. Like mascara if it doesn’t smell right or has an odd texture then it will need to be replaced.

Foundations based on water usually last for around twelve months whereas oil based ones last longer, usually up to around eighteen months. If you are using your fingers or reusing a dirty luxury private label silk eyelash sponge then you are look at around six to eight months because of the introduction of bacteria.

Foundation sponges should relay be disposed of after each use. However, this can get costly. You can either cut the sponges in half to make them last longer to wash them. If you do choose to wash them, don’t keep them for more than a month.

When it comes to eye shadows or pressed powders, they tend to last longer, usually up to three years. So long as broken pieces of this makeup are kept clean there isn’t a problem if the luxury private label silk eyelash breaks.

Lipsticks will last for between one and two years if it is in stick form. If it is tube based with a brush applicator then it lasts around the same time as mascara, i.e. just a few months.

luxury private label silk eyelash
luxury private label silk eyelash

It is important with luxury private label silk eyelash to consider the health implications (i.e. bacteria) of old makeup versus the cost implication of replacing it. More expensive makeup tends to last longer than the cheaper makeup. Once makeup starts to age the quality of it will diminish so you may want throw out the old and bring in the new.

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