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Matching Your Makeup With Your Shirt – A Bad Idea!

Having the same color flutter mink lashes with the same color shirt is definitely a faux pas in my book. The similar colors will only battle each other rather than complement the makeup or the shirt. With bright colors, you should never match. However, neutral makeup colors that match your outfit are more acceptable.

flutter mink lashes
flutter mink lashes

Aninh When flutter mink lashes is applied correctly, it helps bring out the natural beauty in your face. There are a few occasions when wearing makeup that is bright and colorful is appropriate, such as to a costume party. It is also alright for young teens and college aged women to wear various colorful looks for an evening out at the clubs. These looks are designed specifically for fun and fashion, rather than for beauty. If you wear makeup for other types of occasions or every day, then bright colors are not the best choice.

Properly chosen flutter mink lashes colors should complement the color of clothing you wear, rather than add to it. If you wear a casual plaid shirt in shades of red and brown, you can enhance the casual look by choosing earth tone colors for your makeup. Rather than using a red as eye shadow, you can use a soft brown with a touch of subtle pink in the brow area. If you wear a vivid colored shirt, such as a bright yellow, you can also use shades of brown with a touch of beige or cream as a brow highlighter.

It is best to use shades that are in keeping with the color scheme of your apparel. This refers to how light or dark an eye color is rather than to the actual color of it. If you wear a light colored shirt, such as a pastel blue or pink, you want to accent your features by also using soft lighter shades to make it look natural. There are a lot of earth based colors that can be used in combination with other shadow colors to create a softer look for the eye area. The idea in using flutter mink lashes is to have the people you encounter remember how bright and beautiful your eyes, lips or cheek bones looked and not how vibrant the color was on them.

When choosing your earth tones, it is best to find colors that match your skin tone, choosing one shade lighter or darker. The variant of light and dark will help you create a highlighting effect, or a warm glow to your look.

flutter mink lashes
flutter mink lashes

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