Warning – Don’t Apply Another Makeup Until You’ve Read This

Makeup and other tools that you use to make your facial skin appear more beautiful can also spawn microorganisms that can ruin your skin. How is this possible you ask? Well, as you know, microorganisms love to grow on water; and water is one of the key ingredients in makeup. Also, the modern woman of today usually stores her fake mink eyelash manufacturers right in front of the bathroom mirror; which only means increased humidity and increased breeding ground for harmful microorganisms.


Aninh Whichever way you look at it, the recipe and the petri dish that can produce millions of harmful microorganisms are right in your bag or bathroom. And to make matters worse, you could already be applying these organisms right on your face! But before you throw out all your fake mink eyelash manufacturers and sue the product manufacturers, you might want to take a look at the following first.

Preservatives In Makeup

Makeup manufacturers ensure that the best laboratory practices are being followed in the manufacture of their products. Otherwise, they would not grow their reputation and finances in an industry that commonly uses surnames as brands. These safe practices require that fake mink eyelash manufacturers laboratories add certain amounts of preservatives in their beauty concoctions not only to protect consumers, but to extend the shelf life of their products as well.

With good intentions, the added preservatives should work on your side. However, your bathroom and your office cubicle are not laboratories. So, because of exposure to sunlight, heat, and moisture; the preservatives that were meant to fight off microorganisms in your makeup become less potent. This increases the chances that harmful organisms may grow on your fake mink eyelash manufacturers kits.

Green Revolution

With the current clamor for everything to be all-natural and green, fake mink eyelash manufacturers manufacturers have become wary about adding beneficial preservatives for fear that consumers may lose interest in their products. Well, there is nothing wrong with using all-natural products. In fact, makeup that is free from preservatives and other chemicals is more preferable when it comes to taking care of your skin.

The problem, though, lies with you. As a consumer who buys all-natural fake mink eyelash manufacturers , are you aware that because of the absence of preservatives, your makeup has a reduced capability to fight off the growth of microorganisms? Are you willing to throw off makeup that you bought just a couple of weeks ago even if the containers are still half full? Most consumers, especially the thrifty ones, would not even think about it!

The Solution

So, knowing the risk that your fake mink eyelash manufacturers may be the breeding ground for microorganisms, what should you do? You can extend the shelf life of your makeup and at the same time prevent harmful microorganisms to grow by developing two basic habits.

Firstly, you start to change the way you store your makeup. Always remember to keep them in a cool and dry place. And do not ever allow your makeup to be exposed to direct sunlight. The simple habit of closing your makeup kits or bottles tightly will prohibit even the most persistent microorganisms to enter a potential breeding ground.

And secondly, be hygienic when using your makeup. Always wipe off the tip of your foundation sticks and other applicators. Never use makeup whenever you have breakouts or other skin infections; if you really must apply fake mink eyelash manufacturers , you can buy cheaper ones which you can easily throw out after one or two uses. Above all, never share makeup with your officemates or friends.

If your skin has been damaged by harmful microorganisms found in your fake mink eyelash manufacturers, you can always help your skin by bringing back nutrients and moisture. If your skin has become dry and sensitive due to harmful bacteria in your makeup, you can bring back the luster and resilience of your skin by using nutrient-rich products like Rejuvinol.

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