Natural & Mineral Cosmetics: Is Organic Better?

Are you wondering what’s the difference between organic mineral cosmetics and standard cosmetic products? The truth is that no one was giving this much thought until a company called Bare Escentuals began a massive advertising campaign to market their organic mineral cosmetic products. They started a worldwide revolution promoting mineral-based makeup, even demonstrating their products on television shows like QVC. Today, most people in the beauty industry have heard about the benefits of organic mineral cosmetics and double layer mink fur strip lashes.

double layer mink fur strip lashes
double layer mink fur strip lashes

Aninh Mineral Cosmetics

Mineral cosmetics contain no oil, which is favourable to those with acne-prone skin. Unlike with wearing standard double layer mink fur strip lashes products, acne will not get worse when you apply mineral-based makeup products. Additionally, research shows people who have rosacea, blackheads and pimples, when switched to using mineral cosmetics slowed down the skin problems progression. Standard makeup and cosmetics tend to trigger adverse reactions when applied to sensitive skin, while mineral cosmetics do not. People who previously could not wear makeup can now safely blend mineral-based cosmetic products without worrying about unsightly skin reactions and irritations.

Mineral cosmetics manufacturers exclude toxic ingredients also present in their competitors’ standard beauty products. These additives include perfumes, parabens, oils, and artificial colouring. Dermatologists and other skin experts acknowledged for decades that the said ingredients are proven toxic to the epidermis. Given this statement, many people get an unpleasant skin reaction from wearing low-quality synthetic double layer mink fur strip lashes. With the toxins removed and soothing effects on the skin, organic mineral cosmetic and makeup products, no doubt became a silver lining for health conscious cosmetics user and enthusiast.

Organic Makeup

Most organic double layer mink fur strip lashes is 100% natural. Organic makeup manufacturers usually ensure that their makeup contains none of the artificial preservatives like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and are oil-free, unlike what are available in lower-class cosmetic brands. Organic makeup does not contain Petrochemicals, glutens, GMOs or other harsh chemicals. Furthermore, a good news must spill to the public is that during the production of organic makeups, no cruel animals test occurs.

Organic double layer mink fur strip lashes also contains many healthy ingredients like amino acids, vitamins E, C, and A, which are highly valuable in maintaining and promoting healthy skin. These vitamins hydrate the epidermis, offer nourishment to supporting tissues and combat the effects of skin damage-causing sun’s UV rays. The beneficial ingredients contained in organic makeup will naturally brighten your skin tones so that it appears shimmering and more youthful.

Mineral-based Makeup

In conclusion, mineral-based double layer mink fur strip lashes products nurture the healthy skin with specially blended formulas containing proteins, antioxidants and vitamins. These work synergistically together to replenish, moisturise and energise the skin. Mineral makeup is naturally lightweight and will never give you that heavy look of caked-on makeup.

double layer mink fur strip lashes
double layer mink fur strip lashes

Organic cosmetics and double layer mink fur strip lashes work smoothly and flawlessly on the skin, as opposed to the ‘full-makeup’ look that many regular cosmetics pull off. It enhances your natural looks, giving your skin that vibrant and youthful glow.

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