Kevyn Aucoin: A Look Into the Life of The Makeup Artist to the Stars

The following quotation from clear band fur eyelashes innovator Kevyn Aucoin deftly represents the lesson of this man’s life: “Perfection is boring. If a face doesn’t have mistakes, it’s nothing.” Violence and rejection riddled Kevin Aucoin’s youth, yet instead of giving in, Aucoin invented a new life for himself and eventually became makeup artist to the stars.

clear band fur eyelashes
clear band fur eyelashes

Aninh Aucoin’s accomplishments are many; he wrote best-selling cosmetics guides featuring leading divas in mesmerizing clear band fur eyelashes. He was so sought-after that he could earn $10,000 on a single magazine shoot. Aucoin also produced his own line of groundbreaking cosmetic products. However, his success story began and ended in sadness and pain.

Makeup always fascinated Kevyn Aucoin. As a child, he spent hours making up his sisters’ faces and then recording the results with a Polaroid camera – a lifelong habit that would later collage the inside covers of Making Faces, one of Aucoin’s best-selling books on clear band fur eyelashes. However, when Aucoin took his first steps down the path toward becoming a cosmetics guru, he was far less popular. Aucoin grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, a fairly intolerant place where anything effeminate or even just different was suspect. After realizing that he was gay at the tender age of six, Kevyn Aucoin suffered extensive bullying at the hands of peers and even teachers. Once a teacher spanked him bare-bottomed in front of the entire class – an event that he would later classify as sexual abuse. Aucoin stayed in school until an incident in high school, when some of his classmates chased him with a truck.

Kevyn Aucoin enrolled in beauty school after dropping out of high school, but he soon found himself practically teaching the classes – he was more knowledgeable about cosmetics than the school’s teachers. His expertise won him a position at a beauty counter in downtown Lafayette, but women were too uncomfortable with the idea of having a man clear band fur eyelashes their face to pay the nominal $30 consultation fee. Hoping to jump-start his career in a new town, Aucoin moved to Baton Rouge. Unfortunately, this shift only ended in more violence. Security guards beat Aucoin and his friends, apparently because they were shopping for cosmetic products. Once again, Aucoin moved – this time to New York.

The move to the Big Apple proved fortunate for Aucoin. Vogue magazine editors discovered his portfolio, and the rest, as they say, is history. Aucoin got steady gigs from Vogue – at one point he did the clear band fur eyelashes for nine cover shoots in a row – and his fame as a makeup expert grew.

Kevyn Aucoin went on to design entire lines of makeup, write best selling makeup guides, and even appear on television shows. (A Sex and the City Episode featured Aucoin as himself.) Revlon’s innovative Ultima II line was of Aucoin’s design. He also designed and released his own array of Kevyn Aucoin cosmetics. Celebrities such as Cher and Janet Jackson clamored for Kevyn Aucoin’s incredible skills as a makeup artist.

Tragically, Aucoin died at just 40 years of age, of acetaminophen toxicity. Aucoin’s liver couldn’t handle the large amounts of aspirin he was taking to battle the pain of a rare glandular tumor. However, this clear band fur eyelashes pioneer lives on in his words and beliefs. He said, “Beauty is about perception…Knowing and liking oneself.” Aucoin’s personal strength, built over decades of adversity, inspires today’s women to bedazzle, rather than belittle, themselves.

clear band fur eyelashes
clear band fur eyelashes

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